—Waking Up—

Where did mommy go...? ( ´^`)
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"…I’m sorry."

Concerns, questions and tears had been thrown Chai’s way; quite fairly so. As family surrounded her, Sherry took the opportunity to leap right into the young woman’s lap.

Mommy wasn’t going to disappear again on her watch. 

"If only I’d worded things better… I. You all wouldn’t have worried so much over me. But, I guess I can confidently claim our home as a safe zone, as I had hoped my work would do."

"Explain to us, please, what is going on?" Jean questioned as he sat on the edge of his seat at full attention. His twin was too overjoyed and upset at Chai’s return, but those feelings didn’t keep him from embracing her.

"Don’t use the mirrors… Chai, that’s quite cryptic sounding. I-I’ll go ahead and let you talk."

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Anonymous asked : Wait if chai was a cresselia all along is that why she had those colors??? im confuse

It’s alright!

Chai wasn’t a Cresselia all along; I’ve just yet to touch on the reason/story behind all of this mess yet. A lot of details and such has been skipped, but when given the chance, hopefully I can clearly explain and give a proper answer.

oop i read it wrong tho the crossed out is still relevant i guess? sobs. Lets just say that through time of coming up with ideas and plots, some new ideas come along. It’s a little cheesy (or a lot cheesy laughs) but some strange part of it makes sense to me. Chai and her problematic psychic powers that were obviously too much for her to handle; those weird psychic hand doodads; her love of dreams and connecting through them.

All in all, I’m a nerd. Her colors in the past were because…of a plot thing that im not sure i’ll touch upon. It’s still legit, but now that she is how she is lol. But yeah, that’s all I got. Thank you for asking!

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"Oho, ohohohmhm. I like this world; I like it a lot." Mephis’ tone sparked with excitement, startling Chai from her trance. He merely laughed from her disturbance, opting to continue with his tale.

"The women here, they-they expose their ankles! Who am I kidding, they expose their entire legs… their arms…. their necks! Do you rememb-Oh, I bet you don’t; at least, not yet. But back then, that was considered scandalous. Society has come along wonderfully well.”

Despite how loud and animated he was being, none of the passerby seemed to notice. The reason being was that they couldn’t see the Giratina at that time, as he was making use of the perks of being a ghost type: invisibility. Chai could see him very well; shuddering as he ran his cold hands down her shoulders and arms. Keen on getting away, she began to get up from the bench she sat on; only to have his grip increase and sit her back into place.

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A Vulpix is rather nonchalantly strolling by itself at the park, on occasion enjoying the company of cute girls before moving along.

A festival had just closed for the night, yet the air still smelled sweet with the fading aroma of food and drink. She’d managed to snag a few free treats here and there; not wanting to outright spend the money Lance had given her.

Biting into a sandwich nestled between two croissant halves, she noticed the small fox. He didn’t look like he belonged to anyone, so maybe he was a stray? Chai’s heart strings were tugged with that thought, so she called out to him.

"Hi there cutie, are you hungry?" she calmly asked as she kneels down at a comfortable level. 

-Trots around, sniffing at people’s hands and faces. He gives a snort of disapproval and a grunt rumbles in his chest; he wasn’t getting any type of leads, but he wasn’t going to give up just yet! …there were a lot of people around, though.-

One wing doesn’t look so bad, I’ll admit. That zweilous was a lot stronger than I had liked.

Still can’t quite figure out this pain spreading over my abdomen.. perhaps it’s because of what I’d eaten. -Shrugs to himself with a wide grin as he places his hand over his stomach.-

For now, I should have fun; see what civilization has to offer.image

It’s so nice to be free.




Name: Lance Valentine
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6’5

Pokemon: Zweilous [Right Head]
Species: Hostile Pokemon
Type: Dark / Dragon
Ability: Hustle

Nature[s]: Jolly, Relaxed, Lonely
Characteristics: Loves to eat, Sturdy Body, Somewhat Stubborn

Main Moveset: Fire Fang, Dragon Rush, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse
Rotation: Toxic, Zen Headbutt, Superpower, Outrage

Tag: Lance

Note: Suffers from Depression. Both Lance and Xavier are partially blind, their vision is extremely nearsighted at best but they can make out most shapes, movement and bright/strong colors. They generally rely on other available senses, especially touch, hearing and smell.

Name: Xavier Valentine
Pokemon: Zweilous [Left Head]

Nature: Naughty, Bold, Rash
Loves to eat, Likes to fight, Strongly defiant

Tag: Xavier

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takes bad phone photos of sketches
Perry as a mega gengar hah sort of
i like multiple eyes


takes bad phone photos of sketches

Perry as a mega gengar hah sort of

i like multiple eyes