—Waking Up—

Where did mommy go...? ( ´^`)
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If you don’t want it you don’t gotta keep it. If you really don’t want it throw it away or give it back. A gift is a gift.

*She didn’t look threatening so he could sass all he wants.*

What’s my damage?? -Not familiar with the phrase, he looked about Chai’s body in panic. It had already been reaching its limits, but he somehow managed to slow down the process of deterioration… well, save for the stub of a tail.-

Shit. -Pulling the back of the hoodie down to cover the butt, Mephis scowled.- You and your sharp tongue…. -Standing up, they roughly grabbed Ikulil by the cheek; fingers running down over the scales and soon lifting his chin.-

Your ignorance will very well be the death of you. But, a proper apology could save you from it. I am kind, so I could just put this mockery of a gift behind me.

askikulil asked : *Drops some sick beats in here as he shuffles in and drops some plastic gold chains on and over someone.*


! Oh, an offering- …..-Mephis was at first pleasantly surprised by the flashing of gold until they realized it was fake. What even was this material? It was an insult to the god that he was. With a sweet smile, they turned their body and gaze towards Ikulil; crossing their legs.-

What is a good enough reason to keep me from making your skull permanently fuse into the street, little girl?

megapixilat3d asked : Dart: heeyyy big bord, h-haven't seen you around in a while. How's it going? hahaaa -nervous smile-

-Has a double take before he jumps up, LOOMING over Dart.- Shit man, did you fall offa th’ earth?? -Grins as he roughly messes up the Toxicroak’s hair.-

Been good around here, I guess. It’s been a long summer. Howsit hangin’ for ya n Tess?

aclusterofpokemon asked : ((Aaron and fay get to be SUPER FLUFF BIRD BROS NOW))


all they need is a flying pirate ship now …. or they could ride on the backs of mantine i unno


"…J’ai pensé que je me suis fait avec ce chapitre de ma vie…”

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Nalin: //drops the pot o f spaghetti//


-The man glared at his seinor as he approached.-

"Ah yes, because every time the family pet pulled a shit and got in trouble, instead of giving him a proper punch to the nose i get an excuse and he gets a tap on the hand."

To further his point, he made use of his talents to alter his voice.

"It looks like Lance shaved today, there’s hair and soap everywhere! He probably had trouble seeing it all, don’t worry I’ll get it!"


"I know you just made dinner an hour ago but it looks like Lance finished everything off for the rest of us! Don’t worry about it though, we can just be lazy and order take out for tonight."

"Or my all-time personal favorite!"

"I’m sorry about your stuff,Chester! Xavier gets territorial sometimes with new men in the house! I’ll let him know that it wasn’t nice to shred other peoples’ expensive clothes and items to ribbons when he gets back from work!"

Each voice was done exceptionally well but in an upbeat, somewhat mocking tone. Once finished he resumed his normal disposition.

"I seem to be the only one in the house who thinks this has gone on for one day too long. The longer you and everyone else baby him the longer he’s gonna keep fucking up!"

Jean’s eyes narrowed as his pace quickened; much more inclined to close the distance now.

"You need to sit your ass down and take a breather, since you have so many complaints on hand. Know what, though? You’ve barely spent any time here in the first place t-"

Serenity shook her head, commanding silence. The emolga took a step back and sighed. The young woman then turned to Chester, taking hold of his hand as she looked up to him; speaking in a calming voice.

"Cher, I know you’re very upset. But you and I also know that you haven’t been getting a healthy amount of sleep either. Right now, I need you to take a few deep breaths and sit down. There is other food here-even some you can snack on-but it’s best that you settle down." She leaned forward and gave him a small peck on the lips; turning to Jean after with pleading eyes.

"…Fine, I’ll make a trip to the store. I know a good place that stays open this late." Irritably running his fingers through his hair, he left back down the hall to his room to get changed.

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woh! antoinette’s dad, a shiny altaria :”)!!! 


woh! antoinette’s dad, a shiny altaria :”)!!! 



Standing in front of the open freezebox, the man stands in pajamas [boxers]. The freezer, several hours prior; was full of various meats and food that had been recently stocked. It now sat emptied, save for some wrapping plasti, frozen blood and half-eaten chunks.

Sleep deprived, horribly pissed and hungry. Chester wasn’t having anyones’ shit today.

"If that useless freeloading pissant thinks he can just eat and run than he’s fucking up the wrong tree." He was already halfway down the hallway before approaching a door, kicking it wide open.


Lance and Xaviers’ room was empty, their room was messy and their bed was unmade.

Serenity wrung her hands as her eyes traveled to the empty freezer, then to Chester. He’d been growing more irritable as of late from his lack of sleep and the nightmares that had begun to plague him.

"Ches, dear, please calm do-"

The outburst and sudden bang of the door against the wall caused her to jump before she made her way over to his side; wrapping her hand around his.

Another door quickly came open as a groggy and irritated Jean made his way down the hall. His eyes centered in on the pair as he groaned once close enough.

"What the hell, Chester… you realize what time it is?? If you’ve got a problem you come to me. Not yell across the whole damn house."


"Who the hell do you think you’re snarling at, you over-sized rat?"


Sherry’s back arched as her fur trembled across her body. Her low growling would only get louder as she stalked around the impostor; ears flattened and teeth flashing.

Mephis was more or less annoyed as the Sylveon was; Sherry had went and scared off a potential servant, that had been more than willing to give up their soul and whatever else the Giratina had desired.

They both wondered who would make the first move…

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this guy could be the last airbender tbh

he can airbend me over a table

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